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  • Increase Your Energy, Jump Start Your Weight Loss, Regulate Your Hormones, and the Nutrients Needed to Detox Your Liver!

    liver detox

    On average, the CDC finds over 212 chemicals in peopleโ€™s blood or urine. These chemicals can come from not only from non-organic food and alcohol but also from things like acrylamide ( when foods are cooked at high temperatures , blackened or fried) environmental phenols from soaps or toothpaste, fluorinated chemicals from non stick cookware, and […]

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Meat


    I’ve heard it time and time again. Meat causes increased cholesterol. Meat causes illnesses. Meat causes weight gain. This is very far from the truth. Maybe grain fed, CAFO ( confined animal feeding organizations) meat is linked to those things, but not organic, grass  fed meat. The Paleo Lifestyle includes eating a diet around a […]