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  • Benefits of Cryotherapy

    It seems like cryotherapy centers have been popping up left and right! For thousands of years we have been using cold treatment to help with pain, inflammation, soreness, and recovery.  At cryotherapy centers, the chambers fill with nitrogen vapor at around -167 degrees that give you the benefits of cold therapy without as much of the […]

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  • 5 Things to Be Juicing

    Ginger– There are 115 chemical compounds found in ginger root that give you huge anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. The oils from the root help soothe intestinal muscles helping with bloating, indigestion, and stomach disorders. Ginger root also boosts the immune system because it cleanses out the lymphatic system of toxins. It is great to take […]

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Health with Coconut Oil Daily

      At this point, you have heard one-thousand different ways that you can use coconut oil to improve your health, your energy or your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed?  You shouldn’t be!  How about we redefine it as beneficial, low-maintaince and time-sensitive….   The facts are that coconut oil is a strong anti-fungal and a strong anti-bacterial.  It is proven that […]

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  • Heavy Metal Detox

    I’m guessing that at this point you have heard lots about different types of detoxes out there. There are detoxes that are great for your gut, for your liver, for your kidneys….. But what about your cells? Our bodies are composed of billions and billions of cells. These cells have a lot to do with […]